Photographer Mark A Bennett

Photographer Mark A Bennett

"As a photographer, I aim to not be constricted by simplistic 'rules'. Others can fold up the image into thirds and have their compositions line up by all means, but to my mind .. rules are made to be broken! What ever I may write here... my photographs are my best presentation!"
~ Mark A Bennett

Mark is from Canterbury in England. He's especially known for his coverage of live music festivals in the UK. He's photographed many of the greatest names in jazz and rock in the world today.

Mark is also an outstanding travel photographer. Some of his most haunting photography has been of the abandoned cities in Chernobyl in Russia. Mark's also an expert on cold war bunkers, and a trained botanist who spent countless hours regaling Maggie about the plant life around her during their sojourns in Nepal.

Mark is also a true friend of our Aastha House kids, and we are happy to have him as part of our greater Aastha House family, even if he has mad hair.

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Photographer Mark A Bennett,
with Rojina Khatun of Aastha House