Old photos of Aastha House kids bring back memories

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Photo by Karen Pike

It’s always fun to look at old photos of some of my kids when they were younger. Here’s a photo of Sulav at school when he was about 6. He looks so handsome in his neat school uniform.

All the children take great pride in their uniforms. A big part of each morning’s getting ready for school ritual at Aastha House is the polishing of shoes, pressing of skirts and pants and ties, tying of bows into the hair and combing of the boys’ hair until its just so. The older kids help the little ones get shoes and socks on, hair brushed, teeth brushed, book bags ready. And then they all march off for the school day.

I’ve found that even the most impoverished parents in the rural areas want their children to look polished and professional in neat and spiffy uniforms. Sadly, one reason many parents don’t send their children to school is not only lack of money for supplies (all nepali school children must buy their supplies) or tuition, but lack of decent clothing. They are too embarrassed to let their children come to school with no uniform. So one of my plans for our scholarship program is to ensure each child has not one but two sets of uniforms. They will never have to feel embarrassed to go to school in ragged dirty clothing ever again.

Photo by Karen Pike



August 11, 2010

you’re do a great job.

Margreta (Maggie) Kerr

September 8, 2010

Thank you so much, Manish. Its the children who do the great job, not me! I am blessed every day by them. They give me hope. Namaste, Maggie