Grief of a Mother

Posted by: Margreta (Maggie) Kerr

The woman who raised my Nepali “son” Idi Mohammed until he came to live at Aastha House at the age of 6. She is holding a photo of Idi, and the pain and sadness she is feeling is etched in her face. Mothers love their children the same all over the world and grieve over their loss. I think of this often when I think of the many children killed in war in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, often by our own American forces during predator drone strikes. Our government wants to call these dead children “collateral damage”. ¬†They are children, and they have Mothers like this one who are grieving over their loss.

We miss you, Idi. Thank you for blessing our lives at Aastha House for 4 wonderful years. Now you’re safe in the hands of God.

Love, Aunt Maggie

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