Congratulations to Durga!

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Congratulations to my Nepali daughter, Durga, for doing so well on her SLC (School Leaving Certificate). All Nepali students must pass the SLC in order to go on to “college”, which is the US equivalent of class 11 and 12, or the last two years of high school in the American system.

Durga worked as a servant in a home in Kathmandu as a very young child, having been taken there by her father from their remote village after her Mother died. Her Mother died of typhoid fever. Durga and her 2 younger sisters, Apsara and Usha, have lived at Aastha House ever since.

Durga is planning to study nursing! Congratulations, Durga!


Mark A Bennett

May 2, 2010

Congratulations indeed !! and all the best from Mark ‘with the mad hair’ ..

Love to everyone at Aastha House .. I miss Nepal !

Mark A. Bennett

Karen PIke

May 22, 2010

Congratulations to the beautiful and awesome Durga on her academic achievements!! I am a proud “aunty”. I miss Aastha House so so much. Please give my love and big hugs to all.

[...] in 1st Division, among the brightest students in all of Nepal. Durga (who I write about in this earlier post) and Bikram both came from lives of extreme adversity as young children to achieve the highest [...]

Margreta (Maggie) Kerr

September 8, 2010

you are so sweet, Mark!! Durga thinks of you (she tells me so!). She’s just not on the internet much at all these days. I sent her your good wishes. I told her I will drag her to the internet cafe myself if she doesn’t start emailing!!
I sent you an email too, Mark. Did you get it? Little Idi Mohammed passed away last week. He fell into the Bagmati River while playing football near the riverbank and was swept away. his body has not been found. Its a great tragedy. I so cherish the photos you took of him. I’ve looked at the photos a lot the past week. He was always smiling and happy. I loved that little boy and will miss him always.