Aastha House Guests from Around the World

Posted by: Margreta (Maggie) Kerr

Parmila & Sharmila Khadka (sisters)

Suraj Bhujel

Over the years, so many people have visited Aastha House from around the world. Some hear of Aastha House by word of mouth, others have read an article in a Vermont newspaper about the home. Some come as volunteers to stay a few weeks or a few months. Others come for a meal and a visit with our great kids.

A wonderful youth group from a church in Maryland came for a visit in October of 2009 and took a few photos. They brought lots of books for the kids, and, as the delighted faces in the photos show, the kids were thrilled.

The kids love to meet people from all over the world. We’ve had visitors from Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Canada, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and…gosh, I’m sure I’ve missed a few! We’ve had an aeronautic engineer who was selected for the astronaut program at NASA visit after she had successfully climbed Mt. Everest. We’ve had doctors, computer engineers, teachers, vegetarian chefs, students, wonderful young people who want to devote some time to volunteering in a foreign land…

Books for kids are hard to come by in Nepal. Sadly, there are few books written for Nepali children in their own language. Thankfully, our children attend an English medium school, where most of their studies are in the English language, so by the time they reach high school, they are relatively fluent in English, the international language. Its a great advantage to them. Every book we receive as a donation to Aastha House is greatly appreciated and well loved.

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